Winter Tanks

This weekend is the second session of our winter tank program for 2016. When we sent out our initial email and Facebook posts advertising the opportunity, we got the usual “what’s this about” questions. What we’re doing is giving rowers an opportunity to hold an oar this winter and spend an afternoon or two really working on rowing without worrying about split times or how many 500′s they have left. IMG_3220

We know that coaches are limited in their time each week with their athletes. Two hours with 20 kids on ergs is hard to focus on one problem in depth.  We cap each session at 8 rowers in order to spend some one on one time with each of them. Small groups with enough time during the afternoon to really focus on how to row, what the stroke feels like, and making corrections so that they have a better chance of becoming good habits.

Our program is meant to supplement what you do with your team. We won’t do any hard pieces, except maybe 10-20 strokes here and there to demonstrate a lesson or how to apply power. We’ll take time to get it right, ask questions, and build good technical habits.

At our first session last weekend for instance, we used a boat strap attached to an oar to demonstrate suspension. One athlete held the strap while a rower used his back to row, and then used his legs, and the athlete holding the strap could really feel the difference in how much stronger the legs were than the back.  This will reinforce the lesson of using your legs on the drive, something that we all know but now they have related the lesson to the actual power output by feeling the difference.

Spaces are available for the next few weeks. Email us to sign up and join us for an afternoon this winter!

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