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High school rowing has exploded in the past decade, with teams and programs popping up all over the country, especially in the Mid-Atlantic. Having coached high school, and now coaching in colleges, we (camp staff) know that what realities most teams, coaches and athletes face. We know that no team can do everything, as much as a coach might want to, and we know that there’s more to rowing than just one type of boat or one type of rowing.

So what we’re trying to offer high school rowers during the summers is an opportunity to do something a little different. If they’ve rowed 8′s but have never sculled, for example, they will here. We are very lucky to have the resources to be able to offer kids a different rowing experience from what they are used to.

Most high school rowers don’t get to row pairs, for instance. Those are very tippy boats, and not really worth it to row once, you really need to row it for a few sessions or days to feel the affects. We can spend a few days getting used to the boat, and then the lessons that a small boat teaches about technique will translate to the big boats when you go back to your team. How great is it to say that you rowed a single or a pair when you go home?

Having a few days to spend learning safety skills is something that we value tremendously as well. If you can row a single, or are going to learn how, then you need to know how to get back in the boat by yourself if you flip. Last year at the boys’ camp we spent an entire rowing session doing just that, and will again this year and the years ahead. Safety is the #1 lesson we teach.

Rowing skills are like riding bikes. You never forget what you learn, and you never go back to not knowing how to scull. Gaining experience in different boats can only help a person’s rowing skills. We try to provide different experiences than what a high school rower would at home.

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