The one thing to take home from camp this summer

Earlier this year we posted entries on what 5 things to look for in a rowing camp or 5 reasons to go to a camp, and we thought about the same kind of entry here to wrap up camp season, but really the things that you should take home from camp can be summed up with one big thing:

1. The motivation to get better.

You may or may not actually be a “better” rower the day you go home from camp. But chances are, if the camp was effective, you know how to get better, you know what to work on, and there’s motivation to do so. Don’t come home from camp thankful that you’re out of the dorm room or you can sleep in for a few weeks before school starts again. Come home and make a plan. Take what those coaches said to heart, and get better. Explore better technique, better food, and what it will take to strengthen your core.

Did you row a single? A pair? An 8 for the first time? What was different about the new boat, and how will that help you next season when you’re in your team’s boats?

Do you know new things about the erg? Or row on a “new” erg (dynamics?)? How will you get faster now?

Did you learn about strength training, and what it can do for your rowing or life long fitness?

Camp doesn’t end when you leave to go home. Take home the lessons you learned through the week or weeks and apply them to your training before the season starts again. Champions are made in the off season.

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