5 Reasons to go to camp this summer

It may be cold and you might think you’ll be on the ergs forever, but spring is coming, and summer isn’t far behind, which means you need to start thinking about CAMP!  If you’ve never been to rowing camp, there are plenty of reasons to make this year your first.  If you’ve been before, you’ll be surprised what you can get out of it the second or third time around.

Here are 5 reasons you should think about coming to camp this summer:

1. Hear from different coaches: You’ll hear a different perspective about the stroke or maybe just a different explanation of what your high school coaches have been saying for years.  Sometimes hearing something said in a different way makes it easier to understand.  Coaches are all different, and that’s a very good thing for you.

2. Row with different people:  Rowing is a small world, and the more you row with different people, the larger your network will grow.  When you go to races in the fall and spring, you’ll see the friends you made at camp, and you might even end up on a team with them in the future!

3. Sweep or scull for the first time: Do you row nothing but 8′s all year at home? Or scull year round? Camps give you a change to try something new and expand your abilities. Each type of boat provides its own challenges, and learning to row sweep or scull will help you become a better rower.

4. Row a different boat: Even if you can sweep and scull, chances are you only do one of them on your team, and most likely you’re in one boat (8, double, etc.) the majority of the season.  Go to a camp where you can row something different, like a pair.  It will pull you out of your comfort zone and give you some experience to take back to your team during the year.

5. Because camp is just awesome: It’s summer. Have some fun. Row because you love to and want to get better!

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